It's official, Donald Trump has now been sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America -- and now it's time to get to work (all of us men, women, conservatives, liberals, whatever). All the judging, blaming, complaining -- it's absolutely pointless. Love Trump. Hate Trump, or indifferent -- this applies to each of us.

America is not someone else's problem. Every single one of us owns a piece of it as an individual. Can government fix all our problems? Who knows (but I think I know the answer). Can we make America great again? Ultimately I think that's going to be up to each of us on a micro-level every second, of every minute, of every day.

Want to have better neighbors? Be a better neighbor. Want to have a better community? Be a more involved citizen. That's the only way it works. Are there things beyond our control? Certainly, so let's just focus our time and energy on the things we can control.

It doesn't require you to like Donald Trump, or if it had turned out differently -- it would't require you to love Hillary either. It does require each of us to realize that a lot of what happens in (and to) this country falls on each of us.

Let's turn all this name calling, finger pointing, and flat-out whining into constructive, fruitful debate. Let's spend less time wanting to prove someone 'wrong' just so we can be 'right,' and more time coming up with solutions that work. Let's worry a whole lot less about who get's credit, and a whole lot more about the results.

Wanting President Trump to fail is like hoping the plane crashes that we're all flying on, because we hate the pilot.

There aren't enough parachutes to go around.


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