Creepy? Or practical?

Have you ever ordered something from Amazon, received the notification of it's delivery to your front door, but it was nowhere to be found when you got home? Amazon has a possible solution for that.

Having the delivery guy/gal snap a photo of your package at the back door.

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"Did he...did he really?!" (Getty Images)

Sorry about that.

Anyway, the idea is that there's physical proof of the delivery, so if it's gone when you get home you can take comfort in the knowledge that it was stolen instead of just never being delivered.


Sounds practical, right? Some people think it's creepy. REALLY creepy. Invasion-of-privacy level of creepy.

Personally, I'm all for it! Not only is it solid proof of delivery, it also lets me know where the heck the delivery guy/gal actually left the package. It amazes me how creative they can get with where to leave a delivery.

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