During the barbecues and pool parties of summer, many people lose track of how much sun exposure they’ve had — and wind up with a nasty burn.

New technology in the form of a wristband could change that, and lower the rates of skin cancer along the way.

Swedish-based company Intellego Technologies has developed a paper wristband that changes color depending on how much ultraviolet (UV) light it gets. So how does it work?

The paper contains an acid-release agent which picks up UV light and a dye that responds to pH levels in the indicator — so the longer you’ve been in the sun, the more the color of the wristband changes.

And since lighter skins are more susceptible to sun damage than darker ones, the inexpensive and disposable bands will be tailored to the user, with the one for fairer-complected blondes changing color faster than the one designed for people with more pigmented skin.

Experts are lauding the new technology, with one saying, “The sunburn monitor will make a significant contribution to public health as an affordable, fashionable device which enables people to enjoy the benefits of the sun while at the same time keeping them alert to the risks of over-exposure.”

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