After what has now been the hottest first half of June in Minnesota history, many of us are already becoming weary of the hot weather, with the official first day of summer still a handful of days away.

An average summer in Saint Cloud would typically have eleven days with high temperatures of ninety or above. So far in 2021 we've already had eight. Today's high of 87° is relatively cooler than the mid to upper nineties that we endured last week. The average high temperature for today in Saint Cloud is 79°.

For those of us looking for a little relief, we're in luck. The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) outlook for the next six to fourteen days is now calling for below normal temperatures for Minnesota.

NOAA 6-10 Day Temperature Outlook (6/22-6/26)

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NOAA 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook (6/24-6/30)


NOAA's 6 to 10 say precipitation outlook still has Minnesota in a dry and below average rainfall pattern. When you look out a bit further, the 10 to 14 day prediction says we have a near average chance of rain.

Overall, for the next three to four weeks (June 22nd through July 9th), NOAA has us back in an above average temperature pattern, and near average precipitation probabilities.

NOAA 3-4 Week Outlooks (6/22-7/9)


High Temps for Friday

  • St. Cloud:  85°
  • Little Falls:  83°
  • Princeton:  86°

High Temps for Saturday

  • St. Cloud:  82°
  • Little Falls:  81°
  • Princeton:  82°

High Temps for Sunday

  • St. Cloud:  76°
  • Little Falls:  74°
  • Princeton:  76°

High Temps for Monday

  • St. Cloud:  69°
  • Little Falls:  68°
  • Princeton:  69°

High Temps for Tuesday

  • St. Cloud:  77°
  • Little Falls:  77°
  • Princeton:  77°

Summer officially arrives in Central Minnesota this Sunday evening (6/20) at 10:32 pm.

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