Trobec's Bus Service posted an alarming message yesterday. In just 5 days of school being in session, there have already been 11 stop-arm violations in St. Cloud and Sartell.  Go HERE to see the message on Facebook.


One of those violations barely missed three children who were crossing the street.


Many people that responded to the post had some interesting ideas and thoughts. Some saying that it's unfortunate but WE need to do more. Possibly add an additional adult to each bus to make sure kids cross the road safely.  Another person wrote in saying we need a bar with spikes to go down when the arm goes down. It definitely would be expensive...but there WOULD be fewer violations.

Bus Drivers can only do so much. They can watch..They can put the arm down...They babysit our children on the bus...they watch...they work hard...It's too much for one person.


As many stated, we are asking CHILDREN to be careful and watch for traffic. They are KIDS..Kids are kids..They need our help and even though we ask people year after year to watch out for kids...being late for work...thinking you are a careful driver...I think we all need to step back and seriously consider what we are asking families to do.


Dear parents,

Hey...we want your kid to ride the bus. We will do our best to protect them when they cross the road, but it's up to you as a parent to make sure they act like a responsible adult and cross the road only when it's safe. We know you won't be there with them, but that's what we need you to do.  It's a rare occasion, but people WILL drive through the Stop-Arm, and your children's lives will be at risk everyday. What's that? No. We don't have the budget to have someone watch and help them cross the road safely. Do you have any idea what that would cost. No. But we still want you to let your kids ride the bus, and risk their lives crossing the street. It's not asking too it?  I mean...I got up late this morning...and  the bus stopped in my way...Losing my job is more important than your child losing their life...isn't it?


Driving is a privilege...the roads DO NOT belong to us. It is a community effort to protect lives. I believe that we are going to have to make the changes that unfortunately others will never do.

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