Gilmore Girls is undoubtedly one of the most beloved shows of the 2000s. However, one of its stars recently shed light on a problematic scene.

On his I Am All in With Scott Patterson podcast, Scott Patterson, who played diner owner Luke in the show, revealed how he felt after filming the infamous "butt scene" from Season 3.

"Objectifying somebody's body part? Yeah, that was disturbing," Patterson said of the scene. "It is infuriating because you're being treated like an object. And it's disturbing, and it's disgusting, and I had to endure that through that entire scene and many takes."

The actor called filming the scene "the most disturbing time I have ever spent on that set," adding he "couldn't wait for that day to be over" and that "it's as disgusting for women to objectify men as it for men to objectify women, and it's as harmful."

At the time, Patterson wasn't comfortable filming the scene but didn't want to risk losing his job by speaking up.

"And I didn't feel comfortable doing it and it pissed me off. I never said anything, so I was angry at myself for never saying anything but, you know, I had this job and I didn't want to make waves and all that," he shared, adding he's not upset with his co-stars.

Even to this day, Patterson feels he's "still paying the price" for filming the scene, which is featured in the episode called "Keg! Max!" that aired in 2003.

In the episode, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) make a few remarks about Luke's derriere as he lays under a kitchen appliance for a repair. His character tells the women to "stop talking about my butt."

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