When you hear over and over that the ice is not safe, you might want to think about that before venturing out on the ice.

We have been hearing about people falling through the ice and getting stranded on the ice several times this year.  It also happened last year on Upper Red Lake.  Last year the ice was not safe due to all of the snow that we had making it unstable.  This year it's been the lack of consistant cold temperatures.

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This time, there were some initial reports that there were about 20-25 people that had to be rescued after a pressure ridge cracked open on the Lake of the Woods. There were some boats from a nearby resort used to transport those people to safety.  But after that report, the DNR stated that there were several others that were also rescued using their airboats.  That is where the number of people has increased.

There is a saying that no ice is guaranteed safe, but there are some guidelines to follow before stepping out onto any frozen body of water.

Again, this is just a guideline.  There are also some precautions that you need to take whenever you are going to be out on supposedly frozen bodies of water.

Just a couple of months and it will be Spring again!

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