This was one of those weekends for the record books, at least personally. My wife and I attended Art-A-Whirl in NE Minneapolis on Saturday with friends and family, and on the way back home I came across a post from a page that seems devoted to all things 'unknown' in the Midwest, and the social media post I stumbled across was about an abandoned Minnesota racetrack.

Watching the video below of the racetrack, you just get an uneasy feeling, well at least I do.


@unknownventures Abandoned Race Track #speedway #racetrack #viral #minnesota #abandoned #oldschool ♬ original sound - Unknown Ventures

The video was taken from the Wee Town Outlaw Speedway located in Otter Tail County. According to the social media post by Unknown Ventures, the racetrack ran from 1963 through 1993, and judging by the video if you could dry out the track area you might be able to groom the track down and get racing again.

You might recognize the track by the other two names it was known as: Lake Region Speedway, and the West Central Speedway.

Look at the way the bleachers sit amongst the overgrown foliage, silently watching the still track.

How many great races were held here in the past?

Tracks like Wee Town dotted across Minnesota, with the tracks popping up in the late 50s and early 60s and seemingly closing down in the late 80s and early 90s. Generations of racing families spent time at these tracks while they were open, celebrating victories and planning on what to change for the next race, hoping to get the win the following weekend.

***You should note this is an abandoned race track and most likely still owned as private property. Do not trespass onto private land.***

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