In typical Minnesota spring fashion, we're in for a week of many seasons -- featuring warm windy weather to start the week, followed by downright cold days midweek, followed by a lot more warmth.

We'll start the week on Monday with high temps in Central Minnesota rocketing all the way to seventy or slightly above. Then things take a turn for the cold, with highs only in the thirties on Monday and Tuesday, and the forties on Thursday.

National Weather Service
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It will also be very windy Monday and Tuesday, with peak wind gusts in the Saint Cloud area climbing to around 40 miles an hour.

National Weather Service

The week wraps up with highs climbing back up into the sixties for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday -- and for as far as the eye can see beyond that.

According to NOAA's 2021 Spring Outlook for the United States, Minnesotans could expect a warmer than normal Spring -- which would mean that we could see some warm temperatures in April, with the next three months looking warmer too.

From the National Weather Service this morning: Temperatures will go on a wild ride this week, starting out right around normal today, then rise well-above normal on Monday ahead of a cold front. As the front moves through the area Monday night, much colder air will arrive. High temperatures will drop around 30 degrees for Tuesday, falling back below normal. The colder spell will be short-lived as another strong warming trend is expected for the end of the week into next weekend.

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