Have you ever just been minding your own business...having a fairly non stressful good morning, and then something like this happens to just totally shake you up....just a little bit?

I'm at work...The day is running pretty smoothly. I've got everything done so far...on schedule...ahead of schedule. I think I'll go to the restroom and then grab a nice, warm cup of coffee.

I enter the restroom; I turn on the lights.  I go to the stall and as I'm preparing to go to the bathroom, I look in the toilet and see a spider.  Yes...A spider. just floating there on the water. It's not drowning... It's just...floating and walking around.


I have a moment of panic...and in that few seconds I think to myself...do I just pee on it? Hell no...I'm not sitting down as it might jump up and land on my behind. Panic....I flush the toilet and away he goes.



Then...remorse sets in.  What if that had been ME floating in that toilet and some 8 legged spider walked up and saw me...He could easily have taken one of his big legs and reached in, scooped me out and set me free. Would he? Or would he have picked me up with his legs and wrapped me up in his web and sucked the living life right out of me...

Why I dwell on these things..I don't know. I'm going to blame it on Psychic Tiffany. She's a guest on my show on Fun Friday..and Tiffany told me that a SPIDER...of all things...was my spirit animal.  Is that why they are ALL OVER THE PLACE!


I've had one run across my hand when I opened a kitchen drawer...that happened over twenty years ago and I still think about it everytime I open a drawer. I've been playing at an outdoor music festival and set my pop can down; only to pick it up and take a drink, and find a spider has spun a web over the drink hole of my popcan and touched my lips as I realized...this can't be happening.

I've recently had one sitting on the wall right beside me here in the studio; and these are the things I KNOW about! Are they crawling all over me when I'm sleeping? How often are they in my hair? And if a Spider is my spirit animal, what's going to happen to me now that I've flushed the latest one down the toilet?

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