In an effort to make the streets of St Cloud safer for us all, I think a recap of just plain common sense needs to be readdressed for some. Just about every day I encounter a driver that could benefit from brushing up on the common sense about operating their motor vehicle.

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Most all St. Cloud area drivers don't really need another driver's test. With that said, some really do need to be retested. I've taken the liberty of putting together a short 5 question driver's exam for those that need improvement.



When you are stopped at a pedestrian crosswalk, you should;

A) Honk at the pedestrians
B) Rev your engine
C) Allow pedestrians to cross before proceeding

D) All of the above


The posted speed limit is:

A) The maximum speed allowed
B) The minimum speed allowed
C) Just a suggestion


When entering a roundabout you should:

A) Yield to cars in the roundabout and enter when clear
B) Stop completely and wait until no other cars are in the roundabout
C) Go left


When your phone rings while you are driving, you should:

A) Pull over and answer the phone
B) Ignore it and return the call when you reach your destination
C) Answer it and slow down to 15 MPH


When listening to rap music through your subwoofer, you should:

A) Keep it at a reasonable volume
B) Turn it up enough so the cars around you are also shaking
C) Know that everyone wishes you'd shove that woofer up your a**

Hope you passed.

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