Bullying is a worldwide epidemic. Kids are jerks to kids everywhere. How far would you go to teach a bully a lesson? Go talk to the brat's parents?

Hire someone to pretend to be the bullied kid's uncle to intimidate the bully?



South Korean parents are hiring "uncles" to protect their kids from bullies.

But wait! There's more!

There are three different "packages" of uncles that can be purchased.

1) Evidence Package ($350/day)
- "Uncle" films the bully bullying the bullied, then gives the tapes to the school and threaten going to the school board if they do nothing about it.

2) Uncle Package ($40/day)
- "Uncle" will walk the bullied kid to school and give a "stern warning" to the bullies.

3) Chaperone Package ($1770 for four "visits")
- "Uncle" will go to the bully's parents' work and confront them. THEN, he'll stand in front of the building and yell, "A parent of a bully works here!"

The fake uncle business is booming in South Korea. Here in 'Merica, we'd be suing the living snot out of everyone, so it's not likely to become a thing here.

Not likely, but not impossible. This IS America, after all.

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