As I was shopping at the Dollar Tree this weekend a woman came up to me in the craft aisle and asked me how to get rid of fruit flies. Apparently I look like an authority on the subject. The blonde girl in a jean jacket shopping for cheap acrylic paint, snacks, and fake fall foliage.

Luckily this mystery woman with a fruit fly problem asked the right stranger how to get rid of them. Sometimes the cards just fall in your favor.

My mom has a secret for getting rid of fruit flies. It's something that dwellings deal with occasionally and getting rid of them is actually a lot easier than you might think.

My mom's secret is to take a shallow dish, fill the bottom with apple cider vinegar, and add in a few drops of original Dawn dish soap. When I notice my first fruit fly I put out that dish with the concoction and within a few days the fruit flies magically disappear.

Where do they go? I couldn't tell ya. All I know is that they are no longer my problem.

If you are dealing with a fall fruit fly infestation, give my mom's strategy a try for yourself. I have had success with it in every place I have ever lived, and I can only hope for the same for you. And for the lady that got that advice for me in the Sauk Rapids Dollar Tree crafting aisle.

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