Chay' cool ghu'vam?!

It's time to gather the puq and set a course for Sweden!

Stockholm, Sweden is the home of a Klingon tourist center. The center (Turteatern theater) promotes tourism on the fictional home planet of the Klingons, Qo'nos. You'll also be treated to Klingon Opera and battle re-enactments. There's even a 3D replica of the Qo'nos capital of First City.

First City? Is that not the lamest name for a warrior race's capital city?

The Complaint Department is ready for your surrender. (Getty Images)

You'll be given lessons on the Klingon language, and even tips on socializing with Klingons...who tend to be a little rough with personal interactions. Just ask Captain Kirk!

Forget it...his mind is somewhere else right now...GET IT?! (Getty Images)

If you're in 'Mericuh and want to visit, you'd better hurry: the production ends on March 24th.