Comet 46P/Wirtanen Making A Visit

Mr. Smartypants Carl Wirtanen discovered his namesake comet in the year 1948. Apparently Carl was known as a skilled object hunter and he used photos of the night sky to spot the comet.

Watch For The Comet December 16th

The comet will be at's it's closest point on December 16th, and at it's brightest. To find it, you have to know your constellations. It will be near Taurus and "The Pleiades" star cluster.

How To View The Comet

If you are having trouble spotting it, use binoculars or a telescope.  My brother Dennis could probably tell you this; he's a sky expert; but in case you don't know, Taurus is just in the east after sunset and moves toward the west throughout the night.  Good luck viewing Comet 46P Wirtanen.  Hopefully this comet passing is a sign of good luck for 2019!

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