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Today we’re featuring Merle Haggard, The Oak Ridge Boys, Waylon Jennings, Dottie West and Jennie Seely.



Merle Haggard – “Fightin’ Side of Me” -- 1970


This song became one of the most famous of his career.  The song went to number one and written by Merle Haggard.


In the news in 1970:

  • May 4th National Guardsmen open fired on a group of students, killing four and wounding many others on the campus of Kent State University
  • 18-year-olds are given the right to vote in federal elections


I hear people talkin’ bad about the way we have to live here in this country, harpin on the wars we fight.



Oak Ridge Boys – “Sail Away” -- 1979



This song was released in 1979 as a single and reached number two on the country chart.  The song was written by Rafe VanHoy.

In the news in 1979:

  • Ohio agrees to pay $675,000 to families of dead and injured in Kent State University shootings
  • The Minnesota Daily publishes its “Christ Speaks” parody issue featuring sexual references prompting the University of Minnesota administration to try to take back a portion of the Daily’s student activity fee.  A court takes a dim view of the Universities attempt to interfere with the first amendment

Across the bay a lady waits to hold me tight and my boat and I are ready to set sail.



Waylon Jennings – “Clyde” -- 1980


This song is the first single from Jennings album “Music Man” it reached number seven on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart.  It is written by J.J. Cale.

In the news in 1980:

  • The US breaks diplomatic ties with Iran, Zimbabwe formerly Rhodesia gains independence
  • The US defeats the Soviet Union in ice hockey in what is labeled the “Miracle on ice” during the Lake Placid Winter Olympics.

Clyde plays electric bass, plays it with finesse and grace, set on a porch ain’t got no shoes pickin’ the bass and singin’ the blues.



Dottie West – “Country Sunshine” -- 1973



This country pop song was co-written by West, Billy Davis and Dianne Whiles.  It became one of West’s biggest chart hits and also as the jingle from a classic Coco Cola television ad.  The song peaked at number two.

In the news in 1973:

  • Roe versus Wade makes abortion a US Constitutional Right
  • US troops withdrawn from Vietnam US involvement in Vietnam War ends with the signing of peace
  • Skylab, the first US Space Station is launched.


I love you please believe me I wouldn’t want you to ever leave me.



Jennie Seely – “Don’t Touch Me” -- 1966



Hank Cochran wrote this song, husband of Jennie Seely.  It topped the country chart at number two.

In the news in 1966:

  • James Meredith is shot on a civil rights march
  • Medicare begins July 1st


Your hand is like a torch each time you touch me, that look in your eyes pulls me apart.




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