Over the weekend I was hanging out with a friend who was house hunting. For fun, we decided to price homes from high to low on Zillow and see what was available in the area.

One listing that caught my eye was an almost-1-million-dollar home in St. Joseph. This place looks like something out of a hometown visit episode of The Bachelor. Four bedrooms and bathrooms, giant windows, granite countertops, intricate patios and landscaping, this place has it all.

Except for a finished basement.

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As I was flipping through photos I couldn't believe that a house that is listed for $925,000 has an unfinished basement. We are talking concrete floors, exposed rafters and ductwork, and sheetrock-less walls.

It has been a while since I had to legitimately house hunt, and I remember looking at a couple of homes with unfinished basements. But I can tell you that those homes were nowhere near the price point of this house in St. Jo. I have no problem with an unfinished basement, I grew up in a house that was always "in progress", but I know if I was house hunting now, and almost a million dollars was my budget, I would want a completed package.

I'm sure this house will for sure find the perfect family that is ready to tackle the projects that come with finishing a basement and really personalizing it to them, and heck if that house is in your budget to begin with, the cost of putting carpet and walls in a basement is the least of your worries. Take a look inside it below, and see the full listing here. 

See in Inside This $925K House in St. Joseph

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