St. Cloud has changed a lot over the years. If you grew up here in the 90s, life was very different. We didn't have splash pads, trampoline parks and fancy community centers. But, we loved what we had. Seeing our childhood close down one store at a time and move on without us has been hard. Here are 9 things 90s kids miss about St. Cloud.

1. Rock City Pizza. Everyone and their grandmother had their birthday parties here. It was the most legit party spot in the area. Your only care in the world was getting as many tickets as possible so you could get a Nerf gun.

2. Discovery Zone. Remember running a muck in that place? The indoor maze, roller slides...THE BALL PIT. Please don't get me started. Now I'm feeling a little depressed. I once lost my cousin Lindsay in that place. We eventually found her.

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3. Toys R Us. This store is why kids didn't want to grow up. We wanted to stay Toys R Us kids forever. Many hours were spent playing with toys we never actually bought.Then, it closed and let us all down (that's probably why they closed). It hurt almost as bad as my first breakup.

4. Pet store at the mall. It didn't matter what you were actually at Crossroads for, you always made your parents bring you to the pet store to look at the animals. Sometimes, they'd have puppies or bunnies on display and they let you hold them. Those were the real days of our lives. (& yes, the mall is technically in 'Waite Park...but, as a kid, that was just St. Cloud 2.0)

5. Disney Store. Alright, this was only at the mall for a hot minute...but, it was a great minute for the Disney lovers among us. Everything was so over-priced, but you felt so connected to Disney World. It was like 2 degrees of separation. You were pretty much almost at Cinderella's Castle.

6. Municipal Pool at Lake George. Why did they take it down? We didn't need ANOTHER splash pad. This pool was everything in the summer. Us 90s kids are still salty about it.

7. Dollar Store in the Mall. This store was my jam as a kid...because when I had a dollar, I could afford EVERYTHING in that store, man. I felt rich as hell. You'd hit up the pet store and then take care of your kid business at the Dollar Tree. Life was good. Having it in the mall was so convenient.

8. Dippin' Dots. If you were really good throughout your mom's weekly Target shopping spree, and you played your cards right, sometimes you were treated to Dippin' Dots. It was GLORIOUS.

9. Dollar theater. You went to the movies a lot more when things cost a buck. You felt so awesome when you could treat your parents to a night on the town. #BallerStatus

What do you miss about St. Cloud? Comment below!

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