Minnesotans love their traditions--and boy do we have a bunch of them! Yes, we celebrate the traditional ones like Christmas, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc. But, there are some weird ones that we go just as crazy over!

1. Da Turdy Point Buck--It's a song by musical group Bananas At Large and it's about deer hunting. It's kind of become the deer hunting anthem.We get tons of requests for this song every year on deer hunter weekend.

2. Yule log--It's just a TV broadcast of logs burning in a fire, but many Minnesotans go crazy over it. Some families watch the Yule Log during their Christmas gatherings every year. It's always fun to be the first person in your family to see the mystery hand add another log to the fire!

3. Black Friday shopping--News flash, the stores have the same deals every single year. Yet, we still love waking up super early and getting a bargain on popcorn tins, scented candles and body scrub baskets.

4. End of daylight savings--It's always on a Sunday so you can sleep in anyway. Plus, we're trading an extra hour of sunlight everyday for a few months for one extra hour of sleep one day. Somehow, it doesn't seem worth it, but that doesn't stop us from looking forward to it.

5. "I Voted" sticker--Everyone goes crazy over these things...and why?! It's just a sticker! But, there's so much pride behind this sticker. It's a conversational piece. It's a badge of honor that entitles you to bragging rights all day long. Minnesotans LOVE the "I Voted" sticker.

6. Lutefisk/Lefsa--Minnesotans go crazy over eating lutefisk and making lefsa. I tried lutefisk once and I thought it was pretty weird. It's definitely not worth the hype, but lefsa is pretty good!

7. Visiting the mall Santa--My mom would get more excited for my siblings and I  to see Santa at the mall every year than we would. It was our family tradition until I turned 18. Now that I'm an adult, it lifts my spirits when I see kids with Santa every year!

8. Watching the ball drop in New York--Minnesotans stay up late on New Year's Eve every year to watch the ball drop in New York. But, the ball drops at 11 p.m. our time. So, why are we so excited to watch the ball drop when it doesn't even represent our New Year? I'm not sure, but it's awesome!

Are there any other weird traditions Minnesotans go crazy over that we didn't include? Comment below!


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