Wing Fest is Saturday, April 22 at the Benton County Fair Grounds in Sauk Rapids. The annual event serves up 36,000 roasted Golden Plump chicken wings made by Henry's Catering. Local contestants sauce up the wings as they compete for the title of Boss of Sauce or King Of Wings in the pro and amateur categories. It's your job to eat as many of these things as you can! If you're planning on going, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to make sure you have the best time ever!

1. Don't wear white--This seems obvious, right? WRONG. You have no idea how many people actually show up to Wing Fest wearing white...or, something fancy. It's WING FEST for crying out loud. There's going to be sauce everywhere.

2. Get there early--The event goes until 9 p.m. but the wings NEVER last that long. My best advice is to get there right when the doors open. That way you'll be able to try every different type of wing sauce that you want.

3. Find Pete--He's going to be dressed in an old white t-shirt. He has volunteered to be your official Wing Fest napkin. So, if your fingers are getting a little messy and sticky, he's your guy. Go ahead and wipe your hands all over his shirt and don't feel bad.

4. Register for We Fest--We'll have a registration table at Wing Fest for you to win a pair of passes to We Fest. That's not confusing at all! So many fests happening this year that start with a "W".


5. Save room for new stuff--I see people make the same rookie mistakes every year. They find something they really like and then they pig out on that one thing. When they see something else they might like and want to try, they don't have anymore room. So, my best advice is to try a variety of wing sauces. That way, you might find some new favorites for next year.

6. Travel in groups--The wings go fast and so do the tables. If you get a group of people together, some of you can save table space and the others can run around collecting different wings. It's smart considering it's a packed house.

7. Scope out the cheesecake area--Last year, I didn't even know that cheesecake was being served at Wing Fest until after the event was over. So, right when you get there, just visually scan the might end up discovering something super cool--like the cheesecake table!

8. Be low key about your favorite sauce--Like I said, the wings go fast. So, if you have a favorite, keep it on the DL. You don't want everyone rushing to your favorite wing sauce table and eating them all. I usually point people in the direction of the sauces that are good but not my FAVORITE. #ProStatus

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