Minnesotans are fun-loving humble people. We've been deemed to be 'Minnesota Nice' (their words, not ours). It's a title we love because it's both true and somewhat a passive aggressive statement if you cross us. If you're new to Minnesota, there are some things you should know to avoid in order to stay on our good side. We want to help you out because we're good neighbors. So, here are 8 things you should never do in Minnesota.

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1. Call a hot dish a casserole. Honestly, wars have started over things much smaller than this.

2. Make fun of the Minnesota accent by mimicking a Canadian accent. Aye, it ain't funny to us, man.

3. Don't get into a pop and soda debate. I mean, it pops when we drink it and we like what we call it. How about you just watch your own bobber, Karen.

4. Eat the last piece of anything. We'll certainly tell you to do it...we'll act like it's OK. And, if you listen to us, we'll hold a grudge forever. But, go ahead...eat the last strudel, Pam! We insist...

5. Debate us on Grey Duck. Do you want to just go ahead delete me from social media now or are you going to make me do it?

6. Give us directions using miles...we want to know how many MINUTES by car, Stanley. That's it. It's not hard. Tell me something is 60 miles away and watch me give you a stink eye.

7. Diss dairy products: Just don't do it. We've got a down-low-mance with milk. We're dairy land. If you don't like it, keep it to yourself.

8. Plan an event on the deer hunting or fishing opener. Only do this if you want to know what it feels like to have no one show up to your party or event. They won't even be sorry for it. You're the bad guy.

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