It's the middle of winter and the kids are starting to get sick of dressing in a million layers to go outside and play (who could blame them). Why not take them to one of Minnesota's indoor water parks? There are several water parks that are just a short drive from St. Cloud that offer a fun, relaxing break from the cold.

  • Great Wolf Lodge in Bloomington: It's an 84 degree indoor water park. They've got something for everyone ranging from toddlers, to teens and parents.
  • Best Western water park in Bloomington: They have two pools, a hot tub and a large kiddie area with a kiddie water slide. There's also an arcade area next to the water facility.
  • Big Splash at Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria: Their 38,000 square foot facility has 3 water slides, lazy river, whirlpool spa and more.
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