When you want a film with some weather that fits the Christmas season what better place to film but in the snowy, bold North...Minnesota.

There are eight movies, well actually seven movies that were filmed in Minnesota with the Christmas theme.  Why seven?  I'll get to that in a minute.

I think the one that sticks out to me the most is the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie- Jingle All the Way.  Mostly filmed at the Mall of America in 1996, but also shows scenes from Mickey's Diner, and several other memorable places around the Twin Cities. The story surrounds a guy trying to find a special toy for his son that has been sold out forever at most places but does find one, and of course, chaos ensues.

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Christmas Break-In was filmed in Duluth.  This movie came out in 2018.  It stars Denise Richards and Danny Glover.  It's available on Netflix and Youtube.

The Christmas Listing.  This was a Lifetime movie and was released in 2020.  It was filmed in Isanti at the Erickson Farmstead which is mostly a wedding venue.  The premise of the movie is two competing real estate agents are trying to convince the owners to give them the listing of the "Christmas Inn".

A Chance of Snow was filmed in Minneapolis and was another movie on LIfetime.  This movie was filmed in 1998 and stars JoBeth Williams stuck in an airport with her husband whom she wants to divorce.  They are stuck because of the Minnesota winter weather.  Go figure.

Love Always, Santa was filmed in Northfield in 2016.  This one was a Hallmark movie.  So you already know the plot... basically.  There were several businesses recognized in the film if you are familiar with Northfield.

Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle.  This was also a Hallmark Movie with Doris Robers playing the title role.  James Van Der Beek also stars in the film. The movie was set in Canada but has overview shots of Red Wing, Minnesota.

A Christmas to Remember was filmed in Rush City in 1978 as a TV movie on CBS. The timing is set during the Great Depression.

And now for the 8th movie... this is why it's really 7, but with this one, it's 8.  A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Yes, animated.  But the connection to Minnesota comes from the wintery scenes that are based on the neighborhood in St. Paul where creator Charles Schulz grew up.  We're going to count this one in because of that connection, ok?

Now, if you want to binge-watch some Christmas movies set in Minnesota, now you have your list.  Happy Holidays!

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