So, when Halloween is over, and you find that the neighborhood hooligans haven't smashed your pumpkin, what do you do with it? Here are six things that you can do with your pumpkin to give it a little more use. I typically like to carve my pumpkin just a few days before Halloween so it lasts a while after the holiday is over.

1. Make pumpkin butter. You can find a ton of DIY (do it yourself) pumpkin butter recipes on Pinterest. They are all the rage right now.

2. Roast your pumpkin seeds. I typically do this right when I gut the pumpkin. Bake the pumpkin seeds, sprinkle on some popcorn salt and you've got yourself a healthy snack.

3. Turn your pumpkin into a planter. The pumpkin provides really good nutrients for your plant and the soil. Put some dirt in your pumpkin and add your fall plant!

4. Make your own face mask. Turn your pumpkin into puree and find a DIY face mask recipe on Pinterest. It's really good for your skin because it has vitamins A, C and E.

5. Save your seeds to plant in your garden. Let your seeds dry out and plant a whole garden of pumpkins next year.

6. Make your own homemade pumpkin pie!


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