Carrie Underwood is expecting her second child with husband Mike Fisher, and there's no way pregnancy won't impact certain things in her life. We've compiled a list of things to expect now that Underwood is expecting.

The "Cry Pretty" singer was coy with her fans when she announced her second pregnancy on Wednesday (Aug. 8), first giving fans the news of her 2019 Cry Pretty Tour 360. At the end of the video announcing the tour, Underwood revealed there was even more news, saying, "You might be wondering and asking, 'Carrie, why is your tour starting in May?'" The camera then panned back to show that she was sitting under a balloon that spelled out, "Baby."


Underwood married NFL hockey player Mike Fisher in July of 2010, and they announced they were expecting their first child in September of 2014. The couple welcomed their son, Isaiah, in February 2015. Now that Underwood is pregnant again, fans will be following every update on country music's royal baby minute-by-minute, but they'll probably also be wondering, how will this change things? Will it alter her schedule for her upcoming Cry Pretty album? Will she go on TV and sing these songs and appear on talk shows while she's pregnant?

We don't know the answers to any of those questions, but we feel like we can predict certain things that will happen, based on the way Underwood conducted herself during her first pregnancy.

She Won't Stop Working Out

Underwood is known for her avid commitment to fitness, and her intense workouts barely slowed during her first pregnancy. Her trainer, Erin Oprea, told People Underwood "is a champ," and that eating healthy and staying hydrated would help the singer keep her figure while she was pregnant. Given Underwood's determination and the fact that she'll have just a few months to get back into touring shape after giving birth, we don't see her slacking this time around.

She'll Get Mommy-Shamed

Underwood shares bits of her family life online, and while fans find it a bonding experience, let's face it, some people can't help but get into other people's business. Jana Kramer has had to call out mommy-shamers on her social media, and so has Jessie James Decker. Jason Aldean's wife, Brittany, mounted an epic takedown of some parent-shamers on Instagram. Underwood will probably face some unkind comments, but a word to the wise: she'll have been working out, and she has piled up the biggest body count in country radio history. The lesson? You don't want to mess with her too much.

She's Going to Get Emotional

Obviously, big changes in hormone levels are an unavoidable fact of pregnancy, and Underwood is not immune. She was overcome with emotion during her speech at the ACM Honors during her first pregnancy, tearing up repeatedly and apologizing over and over. We imagine she'll have plenty of opportunities to show her more vulnerable side during her second pregnancy, seeing as how she'll be out presumably giving interviews to support her new album. We also predict her fans will only love her more for it.

We'll Find out the Baby's Sex at the CMA Awards

Brad Paisley famously blurted out the sex of Underwood's first child during the CMA Awards in 2014, and since he and Underwood have already been announced to return as hosts again this year, we can't imagine they won't try to create another special moment. The reveal was one of the biggest viral moments in country music in recent years, so why wouldn't they want to repeat a winning formula?

It Will Be #BradBlewIt Part 2!

Because of course! Brad Paisley's known for his sense of humor, and Underwood often plays it straight as his hapless foil during the awards. We bet Paisley's already filled half a notebook with ideas for potential ways to top one of his own finest TV moments.

The Baby Will Be a Girl!

Underwood didn't say anything about a due date or the sex of her baby when she announced her pregnancy — or did she? Watch the video announcement again, and this time, notice that Underwood is wearing a pink jacket, seated on a pink sofa in what's basically a roomful of pink. Take a closer look at her tour dates and do a little math, and you can also get a pretty good sense of when the baby is due.

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