With the closure of some Taco John's stores in the Fargo-Moorhead area, it got some people wondering about the local stores here in Central Minnesota. I had the chance to speak with local franchise owner Aaron Holthaus about his stores, Sartell, Monticello, St. Joseph, and Waite Park, and how invested he is in our local communities. Here are 6 things you probably didn't know about our local Taco John's stores.

1. The stores located here in Central Minnesota are locally owned, which means that the owners are invested in the community as both a place to raise a family and to hire and train quality customer service-focused individuals.

2. Local Taco Johns supplied breakfast for emergency responders during the Press Bar fire. That's our local police, firefighters, and EMTs getting fed so they could continue working to keep our downtown safe, by extinguishing the blaze, diverting traffic, investigating the fire, and tending to those who were injured or suffered from fatigue.

3. Over the past several years, many of Aaron Holthaus's franchises have been collection sites for Toys for Tots, The Salvation Army, and St. Cloud Humane Society. The stores are also open to discuss other ways that they can assist local charities with fundraising goals.

4. Aaron and his team send meals to the St. Cloud VA to staff and volunteers that take their time to keep our veterans healthy and can get to their appointments safely. So the next time you are at or near the VA in town and you smell fresh potato oles, you can smile knowing that people were taken care of that day.

5. If you are in need of something for a giveaway or coupon to offer up to staff or the public Aaron has been offering up Taco John certificates and coupons for various clubs and organizations as his way of providing community support.

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6. All of the locations willingness to work with local civic organizations, clubs, and businesses and see Central Minnesota succeed. Aaron and his family have been known to dine at other area restaurants both independently owned and franchise controlled as they understand in order for the community to succeed other businesses need to succeed too.

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