We always hear how important it is to shop local and support small businesses. Now more than ever that statement rings true. Minnesota as a whole has about 464,946 small businesses in the state. As everyone is quarantining, and social distancing, these businesses are seeing less foot traffic than normal.

It is important to stay healthy and listen to government and CDC officials, but we also gotta do to help our neighbors how we can. Here are a few ways we can help support our friends and neighbors during this time.

1. Call-in/Pick Up Orders

Maybe it is ordering dinner one night and using a food delivery service, or running to pick it up to-go style. Restaurants and any place that deals with food have very strict sanitation laws they need to uphold, and most businesses are even stepping those up at this time. Plus this is one less meal you have to make.

2. Buy gift certificates to use later

This not only helps stimulate business for establishments right now, but then once you feel comfortable, you can then go treat yourself to your favorite thing from that business because you have a gift certificate in your pocket.

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3. Interact on social media

Like the Instagram post, comment on that live stream, share a special deal they have going on. It is the simplest thing and doesn't cost you a dime to help spread the word about a small business.

4. Leave a good review on Yelp or Google Reviews

Did you have a really great experience with the owner or an employee the last time you were at your favorite store? Share that story. Those good stories are read by potential customers and can lead to more business.

5. Make a list of things you might need/want in the near future

Have an event this summer you need an outfit for? Make an actual physical note involving the event and the outfit idea, and stick it on your fridge. Or anywhere else you will see it frequently. That way when the time comes to do some shopping, your favorite small business will be at the top of your mind.

What is your go-to way to support small businesses? Share them with us on the 98.1 mobile app.

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