We are picking our winner of the $4,000 travel voucher to Bursch Travel on Friday (April 7th) morning! What if YOU are the winner? Do you know where you would want to go? If not, check out these five not-so-common places you could visit!

Lots of central Minnesotan's have been getting qualified over the past few weeks for Dream Getaway #21 - but if you actually won, do you know where you'd be going? Some people haven't given it much thought!


So why not visit a place that's not on everyone's list? Check out these five amazing places you could use that travel voucher to go explore! Because thinking outside the box is always so much more fun.

#1: LISBON - "...one of Europe's most soulful, captivating and picturesque capitals, built on a series of hills with scenic vistas from every angle." - golisbon.com


#2: SAINT LUCIA - "Saint Lucia is the perfect destination, whether you're after romance, rejuvenation or adventure." - stlucia.org


#3: MOSCOW - "The political, scientific, historical, architectural and business center of Russia, Moscow displays the country's contrasts at their most extreme." - tripadvisor.com


#4: SHANGHAI - "The largest city in China is also its most cosmopolitan, offering visitors a chance to experience the past, present, and future all at once." - tripadvisor.com


#5: BAVARIA - "Fir-clad mountains, rocky peaks, lederhosen, and geranium-covered houses: the Bavarian Alps come closest to what many of us envision as "Germany."" - fodors.com


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