Wedding season is in full swing in Minnesota! Here are things you can expect to see at almost every one you attend.

1. The Bar Hop - The Bride, Groom, and wedding party all load onto either a hay rack or party bus after the ceremony and bar hop their way to the reception. Prominent guests also join in on the fun.

2. Food/Beverage Budgets - More money is spent on beer and liquor than on the actual meal. The meal is usually chicken, served with mashed potatoes and salads. Bonus points if one of those salads is made with Jell-O.


3. Scheduling - If you want to get married in the fall, hunting seasons, high school football games, and fall harvests are all taken into consideration before a date is picked.

4. Dancing - The Electric Slide, Chicken Dance, and Cotton Eye Joe are all played. Even if the couple doesn't want them played.

5. End Time - The DJ might be done at midnight but the party usually continues in the form of a Minnesota Long Goodbye. "One more beer, then we will leave". Everyone needs a hug, a thank you for coming, and a date picked out to catch up soon.

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