I've lived in St. Cloud nearly my entire life and over the years I've heard many people talk about what they wish we had in the area. I've heard people complain that we never have big acts come to town, they've vented to me about not having a water park and the list goes on and on.

I think that these people might be on to something, and their complaints haven't fallen on deaf ears--I hear you, central Minnesota! And, I agree with you! St. Cloud could definitely stand to include some of these things into our city to make it instantly better!

1. A stadium--it seems like we never get big acts to come to town. St. Cloud State University used to bring more well-known acts to the area, but they've stopped for whatever reason. It would be so cool if people like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood and other big name celebrities had a big stadium to perform at in St. Cloud. That would really draw them in and put St. Cloud on the map.


2. Water park--Now, I'm not talking about a dinky little water slide and a lazy river. I'm talking about a WATER PARK. St. Cloud is big enough where we should have something like Noah's Ark in Wisconsin. That would make St. Cloud instantly better. And, yes, they are working on building an community aquatics center at the YMCA. But, I think we could do even more with it!

3. Train system--I think that St. Cloud would be more of a destination if we had a train system connecting St. Cloud to the Twin Cities. Right now the North Star rail connects Big Lake to Minneapolis...which is cool, but if you're from St. Cloud, you still have to drive to Big Lake in order to use it. At that point, why not just drive yourself the entire way?

4. Amusement park--I love going to Valley Fair, but I don't love driving to Shakopee to enjoy a few rides on the Ferris Wheel. St. Cloud should definitely have some type of amusement park! It would keep us all busy throughout the summer months!

5. IKEA--I love IKEA! I could get lost in that store for days if they let me! The closest location is in Bloomington. I don't know about you, but that's kind of a haul. I think St. Cloud residents would love to have an IKEA come to town. I mean, hello...this is a college town after all! The dorms would never look better!

What do you think St. Cloud needs to add to make it instantly better?

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