Travis and Jason Kelce's mom has got it going on recently. It began at S**** B*wl LVII when her sons faced off, with Travis (and the Kansas City Chiefs) barely coming out on top (Thanksgiving is going to be awkward until Jason wins one).

Now that Travis is dating some unknown pop star named Tyla Swoft, his mom is getting extra media love. In week 2, Twila Swert attended the Chiefs game and was allegedly spotted millions of times hanging with Donna Kelce in a suite. Tilula Suite cheered her next album material to victory.

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Week 3 saw Mama Kelce hanging with Jake from State Farm (Khaki Nation WUZUP?).

The Chiefs are in town October 8th (2023, if you're currently in the future). So who are we - Minnesotans - sending to keep Donna Kelce company? It wouldn't be Minnesota Nice unless we keep her company.

Let's send:


1) Justin Timberlake

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Panthers v Patriots
He's great at football games! (Getty Images)

J.T. isn't from Minnesota, but his wife Jessica Biel is (thank you, Ely!). That's less than six-degrees-of-lutefisk from a Minnesotan. Close enough.


2) Lindsey Vonn

Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup - Men's Downhill
"How're ya?" (Getty Images)

Yes, the four-time world champion Olympic gold medal-winning Burnsville-by-way-of-St-Paul native, Lindsey Vonn. She's famous enough to get recognition without being too famous tom completely overshadow Travis Kelce's mom (like what's-his-face who currently plays Jake from State Farm). She has infamous experience dealing with jerks, so if Travis is being an idiot that week, Donna can vent to Lindsey.


3) Larry Fitzgerald, Jr

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals
LARRY!!! (Getty Images)

Larry's a great guy with an obvious NFL pedigree, so the Academy of Holy Angels alum is a perfect fit to hang with Donna.


4) Winona Ryder

Deadline Contenders Television – Panels - Day 2
SWOON! Getty Images for Deadline Hollywood

The Stranger Things matriarch and Winona County native may not have spent much time in Minnesota, but since she was born here, we claim her.

5) Dave-O

Dave Overlund

Yes, our very own particular sports bae, Dave-O. Everyone should hang with Dave once, even if he doesn't want you to...which is likely. A little Dave would do Donna good.

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