Garth Brooks is currently out on his Stadium Tour, as well as an added Dive Bar Tour. He wanted to get back to his roots, so that's what he's going to do. Because when you're Garth Brooks, you just do what feels right to you.

Unfortunately this Dive Bar Tour came after his stop in Minnesota... So we kinda got shorted on that experience. But if Garth were to come back to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, here are the top 5 best dive bars in the state (according to Yelp) Garth could grace us with his presence at.

5. Otter Saloon - 617 Central Ave SE, Minneapolis

The Otter Saloon is that trashy dive bar that has some odd unexplainable pull. They keep the door wide open on hot days, so cigarette smoke comes right in, the male bartender is constantly in a terrible mood, and the karaoke singers screech so much that your ears want to fall off...and yet, people keep wanting to come back anyway. I'm one of those people.


4. The Spot Bar - 859 Randolph Ave, St. Paul

Are you looking for somewhere cool, dark, and quiet in St. Paul to get a $3 Hamm's or Grain Belt where you can just play darts with your friends in peace?  Or, maybe you have an hour and half to kill before your table opens up at Mucci's. Either way, The Spot should work for you. It definitely seems to be a throwback to simpler times, full of history and local charm.

3. Cuzzy's Bar and Grill - 507 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis

Who wants a stiff drink for cheap? Almost everyone. Who wants a laid back environment? Most people. You can wear your sweats or wear your favorite heels and it won't matter.

2. Palmer's Bar - 500 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis

Palmer's Bar make you feel like you're part of a weird tribe, if only for the night. From the cheap drinks, neon lights, live music, and creepy wall art all ingredients of the right kind of dive bar. Great for people watching and for befriending that sassy bartender.

1. Ted's Recreation - 1084 Larpenteur Ave W, St. Paul

5 stars. Good prices.  Pool cues suck.  Don't touch the peeling paint; there may be lead.  True dive bar and my kind of place...

What bar would you like to see Garth Brooks take his Dive Bar Tour to? Share it with us on the 98.1 mobile app!


Rollie's Rednecks and Longnecks - Sauk Rapids

This one was a popular suggestion on Facebook, so we had to add it! Technically labeled a "honky tonk" and not a "dive bar", we will put it up as our first choice for a place to see Garth in Central Minnesota!

My favorite place to go any night of the week. Always great energy, great service and live bands every weekend. I always know I'm going to have a good time at Rollie's!!!


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