One of my favorite things about summer time is going on nature walks. I love looking at the trees, grass and flowers as they glow in the beautiful light of summer! These are my favorite walking places right here in our own backyard. Check them out and tell me what you think! Summer is almost here!!!

1. Lake George, St. Cloud-I love walking at Lake George because you get the best of both worlds–a beautiful view of the lake and a great view of the city. Plus, it’s easy to keep track of how far you walk because each path around the lake is measured out.

2. Beaver Island Trail, St. Cloud-You get the full central Minnesota experience on the Beaver Island Trail. There’s so much nature and river to explore. I go for walks on this trail when I want to get lost in nature.


3. Lake Wobegon Trail, various central MN towns-This is the ultimate trail for anyone who wants to put a their earbuds in and just get lost on the path. It’ll take you on a walk for miles! It’s so peaceful.

4. Munsinger/Clemens Gardens, St. Cloud-If you want to go on a short walk that is jam packed with scenery, check out this flower park. It’s a huge park with tons of foot trails that’ll give you a great cardio workout while also exposing you to the beauty of the area.

5. St. John’s University, Collegeville-Walking at St. John’s University is so relaxing. You’ll feel at one with nature because you’re totally surrounded by wildlife and the outdoors. St. John’s is home to more than one lake and tons of history.

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