We're still a few days out, but it appears that your Fourth of July Weekend will be full of sunshine, as the start of the new month looks to be coming in hot and dry.

June started as a scorcher, and continued to become one of the hottest (if not the hottest) June on record across Minnesota. July is looking to hold up its part of the deal.

The scattered showers and thunderstorms we enjoyed early this week are giving way to another hot, dry run for the next week or so. Temperatures look to trend above normal for the next eight to ten days.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service
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Along with the sparklers and firecrackers, sprinklers and popsicles will be needed as we celebrate America's 245th birthday. (Maybe the heat is from all the candles.)

Minnesota July 4th Weekend Forecast

Forecast for Wednesday 6/30

  • St. Cloud:  Sunny, 87°
  • Little Falls:  Sunny, 87°
  • Princeton:  Sunny, 87°
  • Brainerd:  Sunny, 87°

Forecast for Thursday 7/1

  • St. Cloud:  Sunny, 84°
  • Little Falls:  Sunny, 83°
  • Princeton:  Sunny, 83°
  • Brainerd:  Sunny, 83°

Forecast for Friday 7/2

  • St. Cloud:  Sunny, 85°
  • Little Falls:  Sunny, 84°
  • Princeton:  Sunny, 84°
  • Brainerd:  Sunny, 85°

Forecast for Saturday 7/3

  • St. Cloud:  Sunny, 91°
  • Little Falls:  Sunny, 91°
  • Princeton:  Sunny, 91°
  • Brainerd:  Sunny, 91°

Forecast for Sunday 7/4 

  • St. Cloud:  Sunny, 95°
  • Little Falls:  Sunny, 94°
  • Princeton:  Sunny, 94°
  • Brainerd:  Sunny, 95°

Forecast for Monday 7/5

  • St. Cloud:  Sunny, 94° (Chance of rain 20%)
  • Little Falls:  Sunny, 90° (Chance of rain 20%)
  • Princeton:  Sunny 92° (Chance of rain 20%)
  • Brainerd:  Mostly Sunny, 90° (Chance of rain 20%)

Forecast for Tuesday 7/6

  • St. Cloud:  Mostly Sunny, 91° (Chance of rain 20%)
  • Little Falls:  Mostly Sunny, 90° (Chance of rain 20%)
  • Princeton:  Mostly Sunny, 91° (Chance of rain 20%)
  • Brainerd:  Mostly Sunny, 85° (Chance of rain 20%)

From the National Weather Service this morning: Temperatures will remain quite warm heading into July. Highs in the 90s are expected this weekend and early next week.

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