Reason #1435 why Minnesota is a confusing place to live. This weekend it's supposed to be almost 40 degrees. People are raving about how "warm" that is.

If you're not from Minnesota, this might SHOCK you to hear people act like 40 degrees is WARM. But, if you visit Minnesota in the early fall, 40 degrees is talked about VERY differently--even though it's the same temperature.

What 40 degrees in the summer means;

  • The winter coat comes out of hiding. 'Oh, hello there my old friend."
  • You complain about the weather with everyone...until you run into a snowmobile fanatic.
  • You start packing the lawn furniture into the garage or shed. It's honestly like playing a game of Tetris mixed with Jenga.
  • It's time to figure out what you're going to do with your plants. Some people start getting ready to cover them, and some of us just let the plants figure it out and hope for the best.
  • Pull out the crock pot and start looking up new soup recipes. This is your new diet, Karen.
  • You get a baking itch and put your beach body on hold. Who am I kidding? It's already been on hold.
  • You find your ice scraper because #FreezingDew is almost worse than paying taxes. Actually, it's worse.
  • Snowmobilers get excited and constantly remind you that snow is coming soon. They have no sympathy for you.
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What 40 degrees in the winter means;

  • Time to go for a walk. Stroller rage is a real thing and you should be scared.
  • You're in the best mood ever and talk about it with everyone. I think this is why the Girl Scouts sell cookies when they do! :) "40 degrees on Saturday? Little girl, I'll take 100 boxes of cookies."
  • Time to clean out the garage. Don't believe me? Drive around this weekend.
  • You realize you need to stop baking treats and start thinking about your beach body.
  • Everyone will be hitting up the car wash.
  • It's time to start your indoor garden.
  • Bust out the grill and put the crock pot away. Don't be'll come back.
  • Declutter the coat closet. Spring cleaning is the best feeling ever.
  • You decide to protest snow. For now on, you're going to wait for it to melt (but, you know it's a dangerous game because it always snows during the state high school tournament).
  • Snowmobilers are super depressed, but you don't care because now they know how you feel all winter.

Are you confused yet?

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