If one of your resolutions was to get a new job in the New Year, this is definitely something you should know! Some jobs require you to pass a drug test as a condition of hire. However, there are some weird ways you can actually fail a drug test/get a false positive even if you don't do drugs!

1. Tonic water--there's an ingredient in this water called quinine that is usually mixed with street drugs. The presence of quinine could make people think you're on something. How embarrassing! If you know you're going to be drug tested, maybe just skip drinking tonic water and switch to some regular water for awhile...just to be safe.

2. Cold medicines--You could test positive for meth. Yes, I said METH. You're just going through your life trying to rid yourself of your cold (thanks Minnesota winters) and land that new job. So, like a good person you take your cold medicine before you go for your drug test, and WHAM. You just tested positive for meth. I don't think you heard me...I said, METH.

3. High amounts of Ibuprofen--You could test positive for marijuana if you've taken too much Ibuprofen. If you've got a headache or cramps and you know you're going in for a drug test, then maybe just take a Tylenol or Midol--skip all of the drama.

4. Baby soap--Some baby soaps can make you test positive for marijuana...Seriously. It sounds like a lie, but it's true. It's special baby soap that is used most often in hospitals...but, still. Researchers say it's not really clear why either. That's kind of freaky, right?!

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