According to the Department of Public Safety, these four simple steps could help keep your family alive on Minnesota roads this year.

There were 380 deaths on Minnesota roads in 2018 (up from 258 in 2017), and the State Patrol says that 80% of those deaths could likely have been avoided with these four simple things:



  1. Wear Seat Belts:  This includes using proper fitting car safety seats.
  2. Obey the Speed Limit:  Speaks for itself I think.
  3. Drive Unimpaired:  Alcohol, drugs, whatever -- don't get behind the wheel.
  4. Pay Attention to Surroundings:  Don't drive distracted. (Put down that phone.)

I had an uncle that was a Minnesota trooper in the 70s and 80s who used to tell us that he never had to unbuckle a dead driver or passenger at a crash scene.

You can get a handful of other safe driving tips courtesy of Nationwide Insurance HERE.

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