I'm not sure there is a more "central Minnesota" headline than this one.

The Stearns County Sherrif's office recently responded to a call about some at-large bulls in Holdingford.

A passerby saw three cattle on the lawn of the Community Country Church and believed they could become a hazard to traffic on Co.Rd.17. The deputy located the cattle upon arrival and was able to move the cattle to a nearby farm with the help of local residents.

Residents did what anyone in a small town does when cows are out, call the neighbors and see who they belong to. Dave Wohletz owns a farm near the church and kept the bulls safe until their owner could be found.

Jon Dobis, the owner, eventually did get contacted and the hilarity that the cows showed up to church on a Sunday wasn't lost on him.

Last night I put a post on Facebook, I'm looking--I'm like church? Really? That's almost a mile and a half from my house. I've seen another photo that they're in the grass in someone's yard. They're taking a little tour of town.

Jon apologized to everyone who had their property invaded by his livestock and mentioned that these particular cows are mischievous, stubborn, and have quite the personalities. Their names are Spot, Brownie, and Chocolate and they are now happily back at the Dobis farm. Just another day in Holdingford!

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