This coming Saturday, the 15th, while you are doing your usual Fleet Farm run, you will encounter something even cooler, and delicious at Fleet Farm, right in the parking lot.

It's the 1st Visit to St. Cloud with these three food trucks.  We are talking Lobster Rolls, Brownies AND gluten free food that actually tastes amazing!  I know, I've tried gluten free food too and some of it is really kind of tasteless.  BUT, Auntie M's gluten free food is known for making gluten free food that actually tastes amazing!!!  Some of the foods include corn dogs, cheese curds, funnel cakes and MORE!  If you are skeptical, it's at least worth a "check it out" time.

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There will also be the "Original Hockey Mom Brownies".  According to the Facebook Event, they are loved everywhere.

Original Hockey Mom Brownies has been rockin' socks at events and stadiums across the state--THE ADDICTION IS REAL! Check out their DOZENS of yummy flavors!

And to top it off, the third truck will be REBEL: Authentic Lobster Rolls. Plus grilled ham and cheese and the frozen lobster pizza will be on hand to buy (while supplies last).

Fleet Farm is hosting the event that will last on Saturday from 11am to 6pm.  Basically covering both your lunch and dinner hours.

Plus, you can stop into Fleet Farm for all of your Spring/Summer fun needs... like kayaks, fishing stuff and anything that's outdoorsy that you want to do; Fleet Farm probably has the supplies you need. Finally, now that the weather is warming up, you can start to think about those types of things.

See ya there!

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