This is a very large debate these days, as children and teenagers use their phones for literally everything. So, where do parents go to make sure their kids are being safe? Check out these three apps you can download right now!

The internet is a scary place. You never know who is lurking behind the website, or what products advertisers are trying to show your children. Obviously some trust goes into parenting your child, and children need to make mistakes to learn - but some need more guidance then others. Check out these three apps you can download onto your teen's phone to help protect them.

  • Net Nanny - This app allows you to screen your child's online activity remotely. You can choose which websites to block, and also websites that fall into certain categories like nudity, pornography, or alcohol. You can also get notifications when your teen searches a specific word, like suicide.
  • SecureTeen - This app does everything Net Nanny does, but also gives you access to your teen's phone log, and their text messages.
  • TeenSafe - Now this app is the most protective. This one combines the previous two, and also gives you your child's GPS location.


Obviously, every child is different, and requires different levels of supervision. Some parents feel the need to monitor everything their teen does, while some are completely against it - claiming invasion of privacy and that children need to be open and honest with their parents about what they are doing online. What do you think? Where is the fine line between caring and being over protective?

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