I talk a lot [too much] about how I'm a fall girl at heart. I'm beyond excited to see the subtle changes around me suggesting my favorite season is right around the corner. However, you can take the fall out of the weather but you can't take the fall out of the girl...or guy. Here are some signs you're actually a true fall lover at heart!

  • Hot drinks are your jam
  • You'd rather rake your lawn than mow it
  • Pumpkin spice candles can be found in your house all year long
  • You're a better baker than you are a cook
  • You'd trade the grill for your crock pot in a hot minute
  • You wear jeans, sweaters and hoodies in the summer
  • You don't even mess with bonfires in the summer, you wait until the bugs die
  • You're a horror movie buff...let's skip the summer rom-coms
  • You hate spiders, creepy crawlers and pretty much any bug...
  • You love all things pumpkin spice! Summer can keep their lemonade game
  • You look your best in brown, black, orange, gold and red
  • You don't tan very well
  • You're not an open toed shoe person
  • You like to sleep in the cold
  • You like when the kids go back to school
  • Your Halloween decorating game is on point
  • You've contemplated moving to a state with a more fall-like climate
  • You're more of a hunter than a fisher
  • Your best accessory is your pumpkin spice latte
  • You've got leg warmers and scarves to match every sweater you own.
  • You're more excited about the pumpkins growing in your garden than the watermelon.
  • You love candy
  • Soup=life
  • You like to pick your apples straight from the orchard

How many of these things can you relate to? If it's less than 5 I'm not sure we can be friends. ;)


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