Perhaps being healthy was your New Year's resolution this year--but, being healthy is pretty vague. Do you want to lose weight, reduce stress, eat right, avoid illness, recover from illness, etc? Men's Health magazine recently interviewed nine doctors and compiled the best advice for staying healthy in 2017. Here are some of their health hacks for the new year;

1. Brush your teeth better to avoid getting sick--Apparently when you have bacteria in your mouth you can breathe it right into your lungs. It sounds gross, doesn't it?

2. Get rid of back pain in the new year by going to the gym--You could be using your back pain as an excuse to stay away from the gym. That's actually the opposite of what you want to be doing. Doctors who were interviewed by Men's Heath say that your lack of activity throughout the day is likely causing your back pain. You need to strengthen your core to support your back.

3. Poop at the same time everyday--Yeah, they went there...But, it's good advice. Train yourself to go at the same time everyday to stay regular and avoid being constipated.

4. Lower your blood pressure by reading more--They're not talking about reading Facebook, Twitter, trashy magazines or short articles...They're talking about reading actual books. Getting your brain engaged in a lengthy book can have health effects like lowering blood pressure.

5. It's good to be bored--No, seriously, let yourself sit and be bored for awhile. It'll lower your stress levels. When you're bored, you're not doing a million little things that may cause you stress. You're taking a break from your busy day.

6. Add minerals to your water--My resolution is to drink more water throughout the day, but it's hard to do because I feel like I'm constantly going pee. According to Men's Health, it's because my body isn't probably getting all of the benefits of the water because it's lacking minerals. They suggest that you add Himalayan sea salt and magnesium to your water to help your body absorb the hydration.

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