By now you've probably heard the news...we've got a little rain in our weekend forecast. Don't let the soggy weather rain on your parade! There are still a bunch of fun things you can do indoors this Memorial Day if the weather turns bad! 

  • Bowling--We've got a number of bowling alleys in central Minnesota! Get a group of friends together and challenge each other to a few games of bowling...loser can buy pizza! 
  • Stearns History Museum, St. Cloud--The Stearns History Museum is a great place to spend a rainy day! They have tons of exhibits to tour, plus you'll end up learning a little something about the area! 
  • Skatin' Place, St. Cloud--This will take you down memory lane! Show your kids how things are done by schooling them at the Skatin' Place! It's a fun family activity! 
  • Plan a stay-cation at a local hotel--Sometimes, it you don't need to travel very far to have a relaxing vacation. Maybe all you need this weekend is a nice hotel stay while treating yourself to some pool and hot tub time! 
  • Go to a brewery--Central Minnesota has a few options too! You can check out Beaver Island Brewery, Urban Lodge Brewery, Granite City Brewery, etc! 
  • Try a new restaurant--We've got so many new businesses in the area! This weekend is a great opportunity to try something new, or support an old favorite! 
  • Rock climb at SCSU--Did you know that SCSU had a rock climbing wall? Well, now you do! If you've never tried it before, this weekend is the perfect time to start! 
  • Indoor water park--The Days Inn in St. Cloud has a water slide, but if you're looking for a little more than that check out the Becker Community Center. There are a few more water park options as you head toward the Twin Cities! 
  • Movie theater, Waite Park--Check out a flick at Marcus Parkwood Cinema in Waite Park, or at Quarry Cinema in Cold Spring! 
  • Art As You Like It, Waite Park--Be crafty with the kids and make something cool this weekend! Channel your creative side and create some memories that'll last a lifetime! 
  • Shopping, Waite Park--When the weather is nasty outside, I like to make myself feel better by treating myself to new summer attire! Check out Crossroad's Shopping Center for some sweet Memorial weekend deals! 
  • Escape room, St. Cloud--Now, this sounds super fun! Especially if you've got a big group of friends to do this with you! St. Cloud is home to two escape rooms including Riddlers Escape LLC and St. Cloud Escape Rooms. 
  • Airmaxx Trampoline Park, St. Cloud--You can get your bounce on and start practicing for the Insane Inflatable 5k! Airmaxx is a great St. Cloud rainy day alternative! 
  • Chuck E. Cheese, St. Cloud--What's better than eating some comfort food on a rainy day and letting the kids burn energy playing games? I can't really think of anything! 

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