If you or someone you know is getting married soon and looking for the best places to take your engagement photos in central Minnesota, look no further than this list! Here are the best, most scenic places in central Minnesota!

1. Munsinger/Clemens Gardens, St. Cloud-It’s a combination of the flowers and the river that make this the best spot to get your photos taken. You can’t go wrong!

2. Mississippi River banks-If you’re looking for that perfect shot of you and your fiance on a rock in the river, this is your spot! There are so many opportunities to get your feet wet so to speak!

3. Joe Faber Field, St. Cloud (if you’re a baseball fan)-If you’re a baseball fan looking for a unique backdrop for your engagement session, this is your place! It’s the perfect baseball set!

4. Saint John’s University campus, Collegeville-There are a million opportunities to grab that perfect outdoors-y shot! SJU is a beautiful campus with tons of wildlife, woods and natural beauty.

5. Downtown St. Cloud’s historic buildings-I LOVE industrial shots! Old buildings have so much history and character–it’ll add a lot to your photos!

6. College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph-This is another beautiful college campus. If you’re looking for the more traditional “church” shots, you’ll have tons of opportunities at Sacred Heart Chapel.


7. Herb Brooks National Hockey Center, St. Cloud (for hockey fans)-If you’re a hockey fan, the hockey center is the perfect backdrop! Maybe get creative and take pictures in your skates!

8. Grasshopper Chapel, Cold Spring-This chapel is absolutely gorgeous and surrounded by woods! It’s a small church on a hilltop that overlooks the city! You’ll love this intimate spot!

9. Lake George, St. Cloud-Lake George is the best of both worlds. You’ve got access to a lake with paddles boats and canoes while also being surrounded by the beauty of the city. These photos will definitely turn out great!

10. Paramount Theater, St. Cloud-The building is historic and the architecture is very classic and romantic. It's the perfect spot for the artsy couple that wants to capture their creative side. I'd suggest bringing props with you!

11. Quarry Park, Waite Park-For couples that want to capture that rustic feel, Quarry Park is perfect. You're surrounded by woods, nature, water and beauty. This is the best spot for a fall engagement session.

12. Bridge of Hope, Sauk Rapids-It's more than just a bridge. It also doubles as a beautiful backdrop for your engagement photos. The arches of the bridge frame a couple perfectly and just drip beauty. It's really a breathtaking sight.

Are there any places we missed that you think should be on this list?

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