Sometimes we need to be reminded of how great our state really is. Here are a few of those reminders.

1. No sales tax on clothing

I had a friend visiting Minnesota from Arizona last week and she was talking about all the shopping she was doing. It made me remember that we are one of the few states that don't place a sales tax on clothing. Lucky us!

2. We experience all  four seasons

I was talking to friend of mine's mom. He had moved out of state and said the hardest thing to adjust to was not seeing the seasons change.

3. You don't have to search hard for a Jucy Lucy

These gooey cheese stuffed burgers are menu staples nearly everywhere in the state.

4. The Mayo Clinic

People come from all over the world to our state for medical care. We are just lucky enough to have it within driving distance.

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5. The Mississippi River starts here

We get to see it in it's pristine state as it starts from Lake Itasca. I'm still honestly confused as to why it isn't named the Minnesota River. It would make more sense.

6. Our theater scene is #2 in the country

The Twin Cities is second only to New York City for per capita theater in the U.S. We are ~*artsy*~.

7. We can claim Target as our own

Take that literally every other state. Target is ours!

8. Post-It Notes were created here

We help people around the world remember stuff every day. #HelpfulBrag

9. Having school cancelled for a snow day

That feeling of seeing your school name scroll across the bottom of the screen followed by the word "closed". I don't know if anything will beat that.

10. Everyone is nice

Even if it's in a passive-aggressive manor. You are genuinely surprised when someone is blatantly mean or rude. That says something about us as a people.

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