Remember April? How it felt like it lasted for way more than 30 days and the weather was bad and we were all stuck in our homes? Yeah, me either. I've been working to actively block that out of my memory. Unfortunately, there is the potential for it again, but in a November-way.

The last time when it happened, there was a lot of mass panic and stores were bought out of some crucial items that we didn't see back on shelves for months. Here are a few things you may want to consider buying in an appropriate non-hoarder way.

1. Toilet Paper

I can't even believe the toilet paper shortage was this year. It feels like a lifetime ago. Buy a pack or two, just so you have it in case of another shortage. You never know what 2020 has up its sleeve.

2. Household Cleaners

I gave up on looking for Clorox wipes back in May. I just assumed I wouldn't ever see them again. I switched to a different cleaner, and I will make sure that I have it in my house.

3. Hand Soap/Sanitizer

Remember when we couldn't get hand sanitizer and distilleries started to make it and sell it by the gallon pail? This year has been wild.

4. Yeast

Bread baking was huge in March and April. Be prepared.

5. Baking Goods

Bread baking wasn't the only thing people were whipping up in the kitchen. Banana bread also had a big moment, and people were just trying new recipes in general. Bring out your inner Betty Crocker if you are stuck at home.

6. Canned Goods

Soups, tuna, and baked beans were the canned goods I noticed a big run on last spring. Luckily I am still fairly stocked from shopping trips this fall, so I should be good.

7. Workout Gear

If everything shuts down, you don't want to fall off the workout wagon. I did, gained 20 pounds, and am just now back to my pre-COVID body. I don't want to lose that progress again.

8. Things to Distract Yourself

Crafts, video games, pets, books, art, home projects, anything that will help you pass the time as the weather gets colder and you have the potential to be stuck inside.

Here's hoping we won't have to turn the dials back. It isn't something I don't think anyone wants to relive.

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