Be careful what you wish for. I've heard so many people talking about how they can't wait for summer to get here. It's almost like we have these blinders on that make us forget about some of the bad things about Minnesota summers.

Sure, summers are great...but it's not all sunshine and roses all the time. Plus, I'm just really trying to make myself feel better because it's like 100 below zero today. Here are 10 things that we all HATE about summer in Minnesota.

1. Mosquitoes, flies and bugs in general. How quickly we forget.

2. Super hot days. I'm not talking about 80 degrees and wonderful. I'm talking about that hot heat where you can't breathe in direct sunlight and the breeze feels like a hairdryer.

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3. Going to bed when it's light out. This is the worst. I've got an early work schedule and I'm in bed for sure by 9 p.m. at night. Not even blackout curtains can make me forget the fun happening outside my window when I need to go to bed.

4. Sunburns. These are the worst.

5. Swass and pitting out...and, really just sweat in general. If you've ever had to rub a stick of deodorant between your legs in the summer, raise your hand.

6. Horrible smells that are everywhere. Your garbage sits and soaks and cooks for an entire week until garbage day. it's awful.

7. Being too cold inside but too hot outside. We can't ever pick a good temperature and stay there. I never know what to wear for the day.

8. Getting into a hot car...the seatbelts are a hot heat I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

9. Hot pavement. This is the worst. Ever play the game 'Floor Is Lava'? Well, during a Minnesota summer, that game takes on a whole new reality.

10. Places with no AC. This one needs no explanation.

Bonus: Allergies. If you're lucky enough to suffer from seasonal allergies, you're actually perfectly content with our current weather forecast. You know it could be way worse.

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