If you're from central Minnesota, you know that we shine in the spring time. It's our season because, well, we've all been stuck inside all winter and we're ready to stretch our legs...and we do stretch out our legs. Here are 10 of the best parts of spring in our area.

1. Farmers markets reopening! This is the BEST. EVER. Having fresh local produce again after living out our winters from canned veggies and jars. Nothing compares to that first bite of fresh fruit or vegetables.

2. Garage sales: We love these! I don't know what it is about going through my neighbor's junk that brings out my joy.

3. Spring break: I don't even need to be going on a vacation to get excited for this one. Usually, there are so many spring sales and things to do in our area, it's a blast.

4. Easter: It's so fun to see decorations everywhere in stores and outside of people's homes. Plus, there are so many fun, free events for the kids and family.

5. Planting indoor gardens: There are few things more exciting than waking up every morning and checking on your plant's growth.

6. Prom season: It's really fun to see prom dresses displayed in all of your favorite department stores, or stroll through Munsinger gardens on a weekend when prom parties are taking large group photos.

7. Graduations: spring starts graduation season and there's a general excitement in the air.

8. Dairy Queen reopening: we all wait patiently throughout the winter for these. We love eating ice cream, especially when it's a little cold outside still.

9. Fish fries: Spring in central Minnesota tastes like fried fish. Every Friday through Lent, you won't be able to turn a corner without running into a great local fish fry.

10. Munsinger/Clemens Gardens reopen: they technically don't shut down really. But, all of the flowers start coming back in the spring and the area is alive again! It makes for a beautiful walk.

What do you love about spring in central Minnesota? Share it with us in the comments below!

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So, let's all celebrate the things we're just not gonna do today! P.S. 65+ degrees warmer this week than last week. That's crazy.

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