There are certain things that a true Minnesotan would never dream of doing. Here are a few.

1. Cheer on the Packers.

How dare you.

2. Take the last slice/piece of something.

What if someone else wanted it?

3. Leave after the first goodbye.

It takes a minimum of three goodbyes to make it OK to leave.

4. Call it "soda". ~*cringe*~

5. Actually pack away winter gear.

It has to be easily accessible year round because you just never know.


6. Use Prince's name in vain.

RIP The Purple One.

7. Play "Duck Duck Goose".

It's Duck Duck Gray Duck. Get it right.

8. Not return a one-finger wave.

Even if it's a stranger. You gotta wave back.

9. Admit we have an accent.

We don't.

10. Miss out on an opportunity to spend the day at the lake.

Gotta take advantage of the nice ones! Winters are long.

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