Minnesota has a bunch of small towns that most people just drive right on through. But, some of our small towns are known for some pretty big things and are definitely worth stopping in and snapping a few photos. Check out some of Minnesota's smallest towns that are known for some pretty big things! How many of these places have you been to?

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1. Grand Rapids: It's the hometown of actress Judy Garland.

2. Ely: It's the hometown of actress Jessica Biel who is now married to Justin Timberlake.

3. Red Wing: It's got the 'World's Largest Boot' and is also the home of the Red Wing Shoe Museum.

4. Darwin: It's home to the largest ball of twine. Seriously. It took 23 weeks to make this thing.

5. Austin: The Spam Museum is located in Austin, MN, the birthplace of Spam!

6. Pipestone: it's full of history and known for Pipestone Civil War Days. In August, hundreds of people dress in costume and reenact the battles.

7. Stillwater: It's really, the 'birthplace of Minnesota'. At least, that's what they say. It's where Minnesota officially became a state.

8. Little Falls: It's the birthplace of Charles Lindbergh. You can actually visit his childhood home at the Charles Lindberg House and Museum.

9. Harmony: It's a super small town that's known for its millions-year-old fossils, underground waterfalls and caves. It's a must see.

10. Northfield: it's infamously known for the James-Young gang bank robbery that happened back in the 1800's. The gang tried to take over the bank but the locals fought back. First National Bank's original building is still there to this day.

What other small Minnesota towns are known for big things? Comment below!

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